At Yoonet we like to spread the Love! And our Fair Use Policy is in place to assist us.

Whilst we allow our managed service customer's unlimited access to our team for our webmastering and content mastering services and other services, we do implement a couple of simple rules to make it fairer for all. 

In terms of requests, it is pretty simple - any eligible client is allowed a single “active” request at any one time. That means we will close out an active request before any action is taken on additional requests a client may have. This allows us to spread our resources fairly and assist our clients by encouraging the closeout of tasks before moving on to the next.

Obviously, there are times where the unexpected happens and our clients need urgent support. We are more than happy to help wherever we can, but some things tend to be more urgent than others and that is where our fair use policy kicks in. Really all it says is “don't take the p**s” but for the legal eagles out there the formal policy is:


This Fair Use Policy applies to Yoonet Managed Services.

It is important to Yoonet that all eligible Yoonet customers can access our Managed Services. Accordingly, a Fair Use Policy has been devised which applies to:

(a) using Yoonet Managed Services; and

(b) any promotions or services advertised by Yoonet as subject to the Fair Use Policy ("Fair Use Promotions").

We reserve the right to change the terms of the Fair Use Policy from time to time. Yoonet may rely on the Fair Use Policy where:

(a) your use of Yoonet Managed Services is unreasonable; or

(b) your involvement in a Fair Use Promotion is irrational or excessive, as defined below:


It is an “unreasonable use” of Yoonet Managed Services where your use of our services is reasonably considered by Yoonet to be excessive, fraudulent or to adversely affect Yoonet’s other customers' use of or access to Yoonet Support Services.

It is “an unreasonable” use of a Fair Use Promotion where Your participation in a Fair Use Promotion is reasonably considered by Yoonet to be excessive, fraudulent or to adversely affect another Yoonet customer's use of or access to a Yoonet service.

Among other things, "fraudulent use" comprises the resupplying a Yoonet Managed Service without Yoonet's consent so that someone else may access or use Yoonet Support Services or take advantage of a Fair Use Promotion.


If you are in breach of this Fair Use Policy, Yoonet may contact you to discuss charging for any additional services provided in excess of this Fair Use Policy.

If, after Yoonet has reached you but your excessive or unreasonable use continues, Yoonet may, without further notice:

(a) suspend or limit the service for as long as we think reasonably necessary;  and/or

(b) terminate Your agreement with Yoonet.

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