Once you have your domain sorted you need to store the files that make up your website somewhere - that is where website hosting (or web hosting) comes in. Your web hosting provides you a location to store the component files that make up your website and your domain points to the location of these files.

Hosting varies dramatically, depending on the features offered, the reliability of the service, and how many extras you might need for your specific website needs. As with domain name registration, hosting is generally renewed on an annual basis.

Yoonet is not a web hosting provider, we use third-party website hosting companies to host your new site and manage the administration of your site on their services. 

We use a number of providers, each with their own pros and cons depending on the size of your site, how active your site is, and how important it is that your site is located on servers physically based in Australia. Like anything, there are trade-offs between cost, speed, functionality, and physical location and we determine the best approach on a site by site basis. 

The cost of your web hosting is covered by our Webmastering fees. 

An important note on Web Hosting

Web Hosting providers run a bunch of servers and high-end hardware, and while all good operators (like the ones we choose) put a lot of time, resources, and technology into ensuring the stability of their server environments, things go wrong. 

Your site is guaranteed to be down at some point in your journey. As each day goes by you are one day closer to your unplanned outage. It doesn't happen often and it is very rarely down for any length of time, but it does happen. 

While we partner with the best providers and optimise everything we can when host servers are down there is literally nothing we can do. The host will know before we (and you) notice and will be actively addressing any issues. We of cause make contact and monitor the status of any works but that is about all we can do. It's just the nature of the beast and as a consequence, we cannot provide you any guarantees of uptime for your site - generally speaking though your site will be up 98% of the time! But that's a guess and you can't hold us to it!

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