A Domain name is the URL people use to access your site - think of it like your home address - your website is your house, the URL is how you find it. It's the www. bit.

Anyway that's about as technical as you need to get. 

For new sites assist by purchasing the domain on your behalf if you don't already have one - it is registered directly to you we simply help you navigate where to get it. We can also recommend certain technical considerations when it comes to buying and establishing your domain that can assist your sites SEO and navigation depending on what you are intending your site to do.

Your domain is registered for a set period of time, we monitor your domain expiry so it is always active and never lost. Our domain management fees include your domain registration and renewal fees. 

Once purchased, or for sites with existing domains, we transfer or migrate your domain to our preferred hosting partners and get to work establishing your site. 

Your Domain Hosting and your Web Hosting are separate, but related elements of your website. Both are critical. Learn about how we manage hosting here.

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