Our Content Mastering Subscription covers the most common tasks required to keep your audience engaged by ensuring that your content is current and dynamic, and It comes free with our Webmastering subscription. At times though, you may need a little more help to increase the functionality or scale of your site as your business evolves.

There are some tasks that we do often and for that we have developed standard pricing to make it easy for you. If your request is a little left of field or bespoke in nature but within our native skills set, we can quote the project in accordance with our schedule of rates. If on the other hand its beyond our capabilities we have access to a platform of pre-qualified talent that can assist you through the My Dream VA Platform.

Standard pricing

The most common requests we come across include the development of additional pages on a site. Our article here explains our approach to page design. Other standard priced items include the creation of a new Mailchimp Account or a new Mailchimp template for your outbound marketing campaigns. 

Our schedule of rates contains these standard cost items. 

Hourly rate requests

For development work or digital design work that doesn't quite fit into our standard pricing model, we quote this work on an hourly basis in accordance with our schedule of rates. We quote any hourly rate work prior commencement to give you a clear estimate of the likely cost.

Other Requests

All of our Managed Services clients have complimentary access to My Dream VA, an online marketplace of pre-qualified talent covering a broad range of skills from graphic design to marketing and general business administration.

Where a request fall outside of our core expertise, we can assist by recommending individuals who can complete your task as a direct contractor on an agreed hourly rate between you and the VA.


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