Do you need an SSL? In reality if you are selling online, it's a must, if you are not, then probably not. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that encrypt data packets as they are sent through the Internet. SSL is often used to transfer data logins and credit card information online.

An SSL certificate combines with:

  • a domain name with a server name or hostname; and
  • a business identity and location.

A website that has an SSL certificate ensures all website traffic between your web server and user’s browser is secure and cannot be read. When your website has an active SSL certificate the application protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPS.

To see if your website has an SSL certificate, simply view your website’s URL to see whether it contains HTTP or HTTPS.

SSL Options

There are many different options for your SSL depending on how much financial warranty you are after. All SSL providers cover a certain amount of warranty should their security break down and you suffer loss. The more the cover the more you pay. If you have a subdomain you will also require a more advanced SSL also known as Wildcard SSL Certificate. 

If you are selling relatively low dollar value items then a basic SSL is usually all that is required.

Yoonet does not warrant e-commerce works

We develop the functionality of the site and implement the various security steps required including configuring your SSL certificate. We do not, however, warrant against any loss suffered by you should you choose to develop an E-Commerce store with us. 

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