Our websites are developed in modular way to streamline the development process for both the client and us, and ensure we only deliver what the client needs. All of our websites start with our "Essentials" module. 

The Essentials module includes the basic webpages and functionality almost all site need, plus the migration or establishment of a domain on our managed servers. It also includes the creation/migration of your online ID assets.

It may be of interest to read this article on the distinction between Design and Header pages before reading on below.

What pages do I get with Essentials?

The following pages are included in our Essentials module;

Home Page

No brainer here! All of our Home Pages are full "Design" pages and set the tone for the general theming of the site. 

Additional Inner pages

Inner pages are "Header" style pages. Actual names of these pages can be whatever best represents each unique business but generally fall into the suggestions below.

Options for inner pages include:

  1. About Us
  2. Our Products/Services
  3. Our Work/Projects/Clients
  4. Our Team
  5. Contact Us

Need more pages or functionality?

Our clients can add additional Header or Design pages as required to get their message perfected. Integrations to other digital platforms or services can be added through Integrations and E-commerce added for online commerce. 

Creation/Migration of Online ID assets

Think of your Online ID as your digital business card accessible via various directory websites, the most well-known being is Google My Business. We create or migrate your existing assets to our platform and integrate them into your new site. We also maintain listings on other less well-known directory sites that have high Domain Authority (DA) (What's this?) to boost your sites performance online. The list of directories change from time to time to maximise the DA boost provided by listing on these sites. 

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