Our Content Mastering service comes free with our Webmastering subscription and takes the hassle out of keeping your content fresh and up to date. Our online platform facilitates requests and lets you know the status of updates or changes as they take affect. 

There are a few reasons why managing your content in a facilitated way is important. 


Google is smarter than most people realise and their algorithm that determines what sites rank and what don't is incredibly complex. I doubt many people on the planet would have the intelligence to understands its true operation - sure as hell not us! 

What we do know though is that the quantity, currency and relevance of the information on your site has a significant impact on what's called your "Domain Authority" - basically how authoritative the content on your site is for your viewers. 

By constantly updating your content with new information both on page and through blogs, news, projects and updates your domain authority will improve in the eyes of Google. Our service allows you to achieve this without the hassle of actually posting your content yourself. 

Technical Consistency 

Making your content present in the way that is should; the right font, right size, correct header style etc. can be surprisingly challenging in any website CMS. What you find is that overtime the constancy of the presentation of your content erodes, the more you update the content, more often than not, the quicker the degradation in appearance.

One of the biggest killers to website performance is unoptimised images. Too big a file and wrong file format will kill page load speeds and optimisation (Google will see this too and hell have no fury like Google scorned!). 

Using a content curation service like our Content Mastering promotes content dynamism, removes the risk of visual degradation overtime and ensures images are optimised. 

So What Can I Request

The following requests are included free in our content mastering subscription unless otherwise indicated.

Website updates

  • Post a blog or news article
  • Change an existing image or text
  • Add or remove an employee
  • Add or remove a service or product
  • Add a project and images to a gallery

Website Development - Pay per request

  • Add a new Banner Page (What is this?)
  • Add a new Header Style Page (what is this?)

G-Suite (for G-Suite customers on our reseller account)

  • Add a new email user
  • Delete and existing user
  • Create or edit email signature template
  • Create an alias address (like [email protected]) - learn more here

G-Suite - Pay per request

  • Migrate an existing email to a G-Suite account
  • Other G-Suite requests quoted as required

Other Requests

We are happy to assist where we can with other design and development request. These requests are charged by the hour in 15 minute increments in accordance with our schedule of rates as update from time to time. We quote you and estimate prior to commencement and get your agreement before proceeding.

How do I make a request?

Check out this article on how we handle requests and get your changes or updates rolling asap. 

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