If there is one thing website owners need to understand about their site is that it lives in an incredibly dynamic environment - an environment almost exclusively driven by Google and its algorithms - and these algorithms change - often and unpredictably. 

Why should you care? Because these changes impact every single indexed website around the world, including yours, and if you are not responsive to it your site performance will erode over time and your ROI will diminish as a consequence. 

Moreover, if your competitors are onto changes and you're not, you can kiss that ranking good bye!

We see time and time again, people spending many thousands, into the tens of thousands of dollars on a flash new website with all the bells and whistles only to think it's then done and dusted until the next upgrade in 5 years (or more). For us its like buying a brand new car, shiny rims and metallic paint and all, and never getting it serviced. No - never even bothering to give it a wash! It makes no sense and will rapidly diminish the value of your asset.

And let's be clear, your site is an asset - might be a digital asset but an asset none the less. It requires ongoing attention to remain economically efficient and give you value in return for you investment - just like any other asset.

This is where our managed services come in - Webmastering for the technical stuff and Content Mastering for the relevancy and currency of your information. Read more about our Webmastering here and our content mastering here.

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