Webmastering is a bit of an old school term that has gone by the way a bit over the last decade or so, but it certainly doesn't mean that what the term encompasses is any less relevant in today's digital landscape. In facts, it's probably never been more important.

Before you go on, I suggest you check out our article here on the dynamic nature of the web and why it's important to remain on top of it.

Webmastering is essentially a bunch of back-ends, technical processes performed on a regular basis to ensure the website is optimised in a technical sense (not SEO that's another kettle of fish), secure and operating as intended. 

There are a few elements to it:

  1. The security and accessibility of the site;
  2. Backups and recovery of the data in it;
  3. Updates to the tools that provide the functionality to the site; and
  4. Its relationship with God (Google).

Below are the primary tasks performed by us and included in our webmastering subscription:

Security and Accessibility

Website Security Hardening

The internet is full-on bad guys, mean bots and things that get out of bed to do nothing more to mess your day up. By setting and maintaining a complex set of security-related processes we maintain enterprise-level security to all out customers.

Website Firewall Maintenance

If you’ve ever been a victim of a website hack you will appreciate the many enterprise-level solutions for website security we implement. We have been using the industry leader in this space for over a decade and we deploy it for all our Managed Services customers.

Cloudflare Account Maintenance

Cloudflare is one of the best Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers in the market and we use them to administer the records of the sites under our management. Cloudflare also assists us in verifying domain ownership for multiple external websites and platforms including Google Search Console and assists in increasing websites speed and security.

International IP Restriction

Having your website open to the entire world is not always the best approach. We work with you to understand what countries you would like your site to be visible from and we block the rest. This stops hackers, bots and dirty traffic data from getting in the way of a great experience with hosting a website.

Form Testing

We conduct a form test every month to ensure that all forms are working as designed and the data entered by your visitors are going to the places intended to ensure you are not missing out on opportunities.

Backups and recovery

Automated backups

Our servers create automated daily backups to provide a daily recover option.

Off-server Backups

We manually create a back up of your website and save it in independent cloud servers for complete peace of mind.


Components and plugins

Every website has components within that are updated regularly. Some updates are critical, some not so much. We triage updates as they present and apply those that are required and stable. Depending on the functionality of your site, there will be more or less components and plugins requiring attention.

Joomla Updates

Joomla is the CMS we use to build our websites. A CMS a Content Management System that removes some of the complexity of website development. You may have heard of Word Press, it's a CMS, not a great one! but a CMS none the less. Joomla needs updating from time to time and we handle that.


Google Analytics

Maintaining an active and properly delegated connection to Google analytics ensures you are able to access website performance data and make informed decisions based on actual visitor behaviour. 

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows us quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments on your website. Google Tag Manager allows us to deploy analytics and measurement tags to allows to collect valuable data about how your users are interacting with your site - essentially how your site is performing from a user perspective. We periodically monitor this platform to make sure all tags are working as intended.

Google Search Console

Search Console is the source of truth for the technical compliance of your website. As algorithms change or updates are applied to your site errors can occur. We monitor this platform and make you aware of any issues as they present. 

Google My Business

Google My Business is an integral part of any businesses online presence. Ensuring it’s accurate, professionally presented and secure ensures a great experience for your customers.

Technical Support Works

Our development team is available to fix any technical errors that may occur with your site. We notify when required and provide you with guidance as to the importance of any fix and what is required. Our schedule of rates details our hourly charges that apply.

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